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  1. The two are only linked together because they were the two different things on my mind. I've never even thought of being pro-choice or anti-abortion as having anything to do with prayer.
  2. I'd prefer that you read what I've had to say. You seem determined to delete things from the bible and from what I can tell have taken nothing from anyone's respondes. Based on your above response (or lack there of) I can only assume that in your study of religion you've done very little actual study of the bible. If I'm incorrect, please let me know. If you want to discuss something, by all means discuss it. But be open to an actual discussion, don't just expect everyone to agree with you.
  3. That is my position exactly. The problem isn't with the bible. It is with how people view the bible.
  4. Following up on minsocal's comment. I too appreciate the older generation in my church. I teach Sunday school for adults on Sunday morning. My most faithful attenders for 3 years I've been doing this are a couple. He just turned 88 in March. His wife is about the same age. Most of the rest of the people who attend are retired and over 75. I wouldn't have a class without them.
  5. My experience on numerous forums is that moderators rarely post. There are many reasons for this including dual relationships and the fact there is no one to moderate the moderator. Moderators can also become near sighted when it comes to both posting and moderating if they are doing both. I don't know who this concern should be addressed to, but here it is!
  6. I wish I could offer some comfort. Certain times of the day are harder than others for me. Do you have any other cats or pets? I've found that having other animals around does help. I think I'd still be crying if I didn't have them. I remember the month or two I went without a cat when I was 11/12 and it was much harder. Now I have 2 cats and they help with dealing with the loss.
  7. I agree. I've said in other places and probably here, too that some of the most Christ-like people I have met have been atheists/agnostics or people who practice no religion of any kind and are not spiritual, at all. Those who claim to be Christians (most loudly) are usually the people who are least Christ-like, in my experience both in "real life" and on the internet.
  8. When my husband was little he asked the minister at his church why people bowed their heads and looked towards hell when they prayed. I personally don't close my eyes or bow my head. I think I started not closing my eyes when I wore contact lenses and it irritated them. I don't think God is anywhere. God just is, like time.
  9. Jesus is quoting: Leviticus 19:18 and Deuteronomy 6:5
  10. I'd be very wary of anything Bible-focused she is telling you. Those churches are notorious for being clueless when it comes to misinterpreting the bible. They tend to possess very little knowledge about language or culture which are major keys to understanding what the various writers of the bible were saying to their prospective audiences.
  11. She is 100% correct. And I would add she is likely to be a better Christian if she does not go to church. I think churches do more harm than good when it comes to practicing Christianity. Church is primarily for community. It has little if anything to do with actually practice.
  12. And I have a masters in NT theology... I don't know how much of your degree included biblical studies but if it did I'm surprised you were so willing to dump so much of the bible. Studying religion and studying the bible are 2 very different things.
  13. I think the reason we read "remove" instead of "emphasis" is because "emphasis" is what is already done. Nothing would be changing. Perhaps to make your point more clear you could word it "emphasis" of Jesus' teachings over Paul's teachings. I don't know how much you have studied the bible but Revelations has some great stuff in it from a literary point of view, as well. People interpret differently than it was intended. So again, removing it suggests to me a lack of understanding about its value. I would say that the problem isn't with the bible. It is with people worshipping the bi
  14. Welcome, DaveS! Looking forward to getting to know you better.
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