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Found 2 results

  1. (This topic is not about whether intercessory prayer 'works, is superstitious, etc.) Bruce Sanguin discusses an integral view of prayer in his blog. Does God Answer Prayer? an excerpt The short answer is that it depends on one’s worldview: Traditional: Yes. If you don’t get what you prayed for, just remember that God’s ways are not our ways, and who knows if that “no” might not be, in the great scheme of things, the way things were meant to be. Modern: No. It’s all superstition. Postmodern: Define your terms. Define “answer”. Define “God”. Define “prayer”. Most folks here, especially those who are “spiritual but not religious”, regard intercessory prayer as the kindergarten of the prayer world, and prefer to meditate. Post-postmodern: Here, you are willing to take another look at prayer. You might imagine God as the Unified Whole of which you are a part, and yet which is not itself a part of any greater whole. You might even imagine this Whole in personal terms—not necessarily “a” being, totally separate from you, but rather the personalization of Being Itself. Let’s call that Love. Your own evolving personhood is an expression of That. . . . . If we refuse to offer intercessory prayers are we denying Spirit a voice? Is it possible that our intercessory prayers are in themselves God’s way of answering prayers? I see this as a reminder that we say what makes sense to us at our location on the journey and we can't claim our view as Truth. Bruce also has good language to describe "ultimate reality". Dutch
  2. New to PC and, as I said in my intro post, still figuring out what I'm doing. But my path to this point had a lot to do with practices, so I want to ask people about their practices. I'm asking here about, I guess "private practice," what you do on your own or by your own direction, rather than what you do in a formalized group setting, for those who attend a church or whatever. Do you pray? If so, what does that mean to you? Why do you do it? How does it sound? Do you do something you call "worship"? Do you think of yourself as worshiping God? If so, how is that expressed? What does it mean to you?
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