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  1. I have a topic in mind for the near future, Spiritual Health, which I would love to unpack with you and the rest.
  2. Ok. I just reread my post up there about this site and issues I've encountered and it sounded super harsh. Not my intention. This site is a wonderful place, but like any place it has its issues and so do I. No harm intended. This site "should" be whatever it happens to be and whatever people need it to be.
  3. FYI, I took your dad's advice today. Plenty of water! Soma, thanks for sharing part of your story. Helpful to me. For me, coming to terms with death has freed me up to live more peacefully. A while back, my son attempted suicide and I suffered tremendously with the thoughts and images of what could have happened. I remember I was hiding out under the trees by the side of my house sneaking a cigarette, hoping to find some sort of comfort. It was the only day in my life where I believed that I was living in a godless world. He was awfully silent. But I remembered something a
  4. I guess I'm somewhere in between on this one. If we're talking about Christianity as defined by tradition, then yes the divinity of Christ is important in the sense that his actions as a divine being had tremendous spiritual impact on the world...as tradition dictates...and much of the scripture. It's a matter of how much of Jesus story has to be true in order to compel you to identify as a Christian. For some the Beatitudes, love, forgiveness, and social justice message is enough. For others, he has to be the son of God, redeemer of the world, and personal savior or he's nothing worth me
  5. To reiterate for clarity's sake, I don't perceive anyone here as being a troll at all. I think the non-theistic view here is critical in helping people feel like "hey, it's ok for me to question even the very existence of a god in the traditional sense"...which I have at important points in my life. All of this with the caveat that a person who does find meaning in the notion of a God in the traditional sense feels validated and welcomed here.
  6. This is a very interesting development and a very interesting thread. I think it is critical that we come to a God of our own understanding in order to leave behind the baggage of a God forced upon us that just isn't helping us along our paths. I think this is the notion that God is with us, not only in the form of Jesus, but in the form of our own understanding. Our understanding doesn't change God, but it does change the way we experience God (the Sacred) in our lives and I think it matters. Also, let's say that when we talk about God or the Sacred, we don't always mean the same thin
  7. I feel Jen's frustration here. This site isn't really what it should be. But when I started posting in the early 2000s (a little before Jen did), I don't recall it being any different. I was a Christian humanist (or whatever you want to call it). I believed in a non-personal God if at all. I spent most of my energy trying to debunk essential components of Christianity. And so I fit right in. This, and people who felt beaten up by traditional Christianity, were the target audience and that hasn't changed. I changed though. I had a spiritual awakening that put me at odds with the spirit
  8. I'm not as orthodox as that, Burl, so I don't feel the need to debate on the subject. My belief is not dependent on scripture. I'll call it a personal belief. It's something I believe because of something that happened to a member of my family.
  9. I'm open to there being an afterlife. There was an uncanny occurrence in my family that was compelling enough to make me wonder. But I don't really hope for it or yearn for it. It will be just a nice surprise if there is. Christians have made it into this complicated thing with rules, qualifications, and expectations. I'm ok with closing my eyes and never opening them again. Like you said, I'll never be conscious to mourn the lack of after life.
  10. It's a hard balance to strike at tcpc and it always has been. You're either too Christian, too un-christian, too trollish, too superstitious, too atheist, too crazy, not intellectual enough, not educated enough, too spiritual. And we tend to let a small handful of participants set the agenda. That's just who we are and have always been. But this place has always been there for me when I needed to work stuff out and romansh has long been a part of that experience here. To be honest, I wish it were a little more friendly to theism, but I have no lack of support elsewhere for that. I don'
  11. I appreciate you point about the role reversal, and perhaps that's one of the appealing elements in feminine-centered spiritual paths. But I prefer a balance. Unfortunately, that does not exactly exist in Christianity either. The language of the faith is almost always masculine. I like Realspiritk's notion of the Father and Mother God's working together. As far as the Neopagans, yes we've had a different experience. I was viewed with suspicion at the very least, and I find it's not just with the pagans it's with anyone who has had a negative experience with Christians, which is a LOT of
  12. For my belief in the spiritual/supernatural I've been called both mentally ill and immature on this site. But I haven't seen any of those folks for quite awhile. This site is increasingly atheist or non-spiritual or non-theistic, but they are pretty awesome folks and can really help you better discern and define your beliefs through healthy discussion. I fall out pretty progressive but I don't fit neatly into any category. In some ways I'm pretty tradition, just not in the ways that hate people or exclude people them from the church. I spent a lot of time living a new age path and partici
  13. Jen, As you know, I'm as much of a witness as I am a philosopher. I know that we like to talk the hypothetical to death here, but it means little to me without "generous sharing of the ups and downs" as it applies to our discussion. :-) Revelation is a dangerous tool, I agree. I have experienced revelation, but my belief is that it is primarily for me. I'm very reluctant to take on the role of prophet in the world. Those guys tend to become martyrs. ;-) David
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