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I am a former SDA minister and retired Florida CPA.  I have been on a spiritual journey for over 50 years and lean toward a progressive understanding of Christianity.  I am an avid reader of non-fiction books and particularly those that tend to equip me to live at a higher level spiritually, though I confess I am too often distracted from an upward climb falling back into old habits and trivial issues.  I feel an affinity toward all who suffer injustice and are marginalized, though I'm not much of an activist crusader when it comes to public protests.  My support for these causes has been more in the background and represented by modest, but consistent, financial contributions.  I hope to be able to connect with others who are open to living the questions rather than holding all the answers and who lean toward inclusiveness of those who may not view things according to some predefined dogma.  I look forward to receiving and giving in a mutually shared adventure along the path of spiritual growth whatever path that may be for others.  I have sporadically maintained a blog sharing some of my thoughts at jesusandamerica.wordpress.com.  Check it out!

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Welcome Jerry,

And I look forward to your contributions to any discussion here.

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near as eloquent as you - you really have a way with words I think.  I look forward to reading more from you.



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