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Feeling Uncomfortable With Obsolete Liturgy


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I have avoided church attendance for some time because I do not relate to most of the dogma and language. As I listen to the Pauline theology reflected in the the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, I cannot relate to the Trinitarian creeds constituting polytheism, cannibalistic language of the Eucharist, and human sacrifice (Jesus as the sacrificial lamb dying for our sins).

Well, you may say, don't continue to be an Episcopalian! However, I love the Church and its inclusiveness. I experience the mystery thru the traditions and chanting. It is my home.


That is my quandary and struggle. I want to be there, but how do I reconcile my knowledge of biblical scholarship and science with participation in the service?











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Hi Larry, just to say first that I prefer the garden - any garden - to a church. Not really totally comfortable with so called "places of worship" for a variety of reasons. So I sympathise. But for me it is experience of the divine (or whatever) that is the heart of our journey and when looking towards "experience" there is, as many have noted, an astonishing conformity in the deepest impulses of our humanity when seeking and knowing the divine. Yet such experience must needs express itself according to all the various times and cultures.


The "letter kills but the spirit gives life" but the letter remains of necessity.


Again, I think it is good to seek "our" enlightenment rather then my "own". It is "us" not "me". Therefore it is good to be able to acknowledge and recognise all the various expressions of worship, and perhaps join in........even if I am more comfortable in a garden... :D


All the best



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You are not alone. Why even try to reconcile the irreconcilable? Other than community it seems to me attendance at the place you mentioned will hold little that is constructive for you except to test your patience .



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In our endeavor to understand life we experiment externally, which is science in order to understand the laws of life internally, which is spirituality. It seems you are doing that and have observed the good and bad results so continue until your search takes you else where. May the force be with you.

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