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A Suggestion Or Two

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When a thread goes off topic rather than just hiding the posts, open an appropriate thread or move the posts to a more appropriate thread if one exists. This is common practice on most fora. I would be surprised if the tools do not exist already to do this.


Also I can't help thinking that the word hijacked has negative connotations. Whilst personally I am not bothered by it, those that have a need of "a safe place" to express their ideas might wonder about such emotive language and I can't help but think imply another's intentionality.


Finally ... fora are places or a 'fiery furnace' to strengthen and refine ideas, concepts and beliefs. So long as this is done "respectfully" I essentially see no problem.




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Yes i have the tools to do this. There was no finger pointing in the incident as i was in error myself by continuing in violation of the proposed guidelines for that particular forum. And yes hijack is a rather strong word.that is inaccurate concerning the intentions on any of our parts. A poor choice of a word on my part that i will remove . I do normally move threads as you propose that get off topic but i believed in this situation we were all remiss in our attention to guidelines and that a more appropriate thread without some of the previous posts could be started in the debate and dialog area by any wishing to . However i now have moved those posts that seemed appropriate for another thread to HERE.


Thanks for your input,


Edited by JosephM
Added moved thread link
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Just curious ... why the really short time span to edit one's post?


Is it possible to lengthen the editing period?

The site logs whether and when edits are made.


Also many fora allow editing for hours or days.


I get distressed when I have sentences that don't make sense or grammatical errors that I have made blaring back at me.

proof reading as I post does not work for me.


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The editing period was 30 minutes. I just increased it to 60 minutes since activity is so low. That should be sufficient. Anything over that if it is serious can be edited by a PM request to a moderator. Once a post is quoted by someone else i usually hesitate to make any changes. We won't hold any grammar errors against you. :)

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Sorry Rom,


I already put it to an hour from 30 minutes for members but just noticed you were a senior member . Just went in and changed seniors members to an hour also. :ph34r:


Thank you Joseph ... you know us seniors take longer to get our thoughts together.

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What are the calendar, blog, gallery, download areas for?


How does one style text, insert graphics etc?

Those are basically areas that came with the software platform but not activated for use by members.


Fonts for text can be selected at the top of the reply window along with a number of other functions used for posting.

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3 hours ago, romansh said:

I just noticed I can like toty's posts but not yours Paul?

Are moderator and admin posts unlikeable?

Maybe it's just me that's unlikeable! :(

No, actually it is a setting preventing Admin & Moderator posts being liked (Joseph is still in that category and I can't give his posts likes either).  Can't see how it can be addressed, but I'll keep looking.

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