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New Here - And Seeking Guidance On Where To Start


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Hi all,


My name is Ally and I'm in the UK. A friend recommended that I look onto the writings of Bishop John S. Spong. I have long been interested in exploring non-mainstream analyses of Jesus' teachings. That is, analyses that don't conform to the typical church angle, that, I guess, go back to the dawn of the Roman church. I have looked into New Thought, Science of Mind, etc, and am keen to learn about Bishop Spong's views. Can anyone suggest where is the best place to start? Any particular book, essay or anything?


Thanks for any advice...



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I don't have anything specific for Spong ... but I can recommend the works Joseph Campbell.

I think Spong and Campbell would have enjoyed each others perspectives.

My favourites are:

Power of Myth ... available in DVD ... I prefer the transcript.

Myths of Light

Pathways to Bliss



Welcome ...

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If you're inteersted in Spong there are a lot of video clips and writings available from simply Googling his name.


Otherwise there are of course a number of his books available in hard copy or electronically (Kindle).




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