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Hi, New Here...


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I just joined and am looking forward to exploring what this board has to offer. I've been reading the bible since I first learned to read, and have noticed that over the years I have gone through a sort of hierarchy of emotional responses to it; e.g. confusion, disinterest, boredom, anger, resentment, curiosity, entertainment, fascination, hope, devotion, etc.


I consider it an understatement to say that the Bible is pregnant with Truth and wisdom. I'm sure that I could read and study it for the rest of my life and come nowhere near exhausting the wealth of knowledge it contains.



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Hello Shnarkle,


Welcome to the community and do explore around here. There are many interesting topics to review and new ones to yet be started.

I also find the Bible filled with wisdom and truth as i do also other books of a spiritual nature. Enjoy your quest for truth and may your journey be filled with awe and many blessings.



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Welcome Shnarkle,


I too find much wisdom in the Bible and I am even grateful for all the 'wrong' things that seem to be there because it helps me see how my ancestors shaped their thinking concerning God, over the years.


I hope you enjoy participating here and get a chance to look at the archives for much discussion too.




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