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Life After Sixty

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I recently read Gardner's introduction and admired his honesty and candor . I noticed that most of the replies were from men over 60 . They talked about the need to downsize ,both livingspace as well as life expectations.


How are things going for the over sixty crowd here ? What have you learned and what are your experiences? I've noticed, for myself, alternating between contentment and depression. The loss of physical power can be disturbing. I used to be able to do 50 pushups now I can barely do 15. I however refuse to take any testosterone or any of those other pills. Anyway , how is the over 60 life going?



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Mow greeting from 65. My sons just moved out so the house seems bigger. I like the space because I work as a teacher at an at-risk school and my wife works swing shift in one of the casinos so I need to live while she sleeps. I am going to downsize as soon as the market picks up. My sons are always visiting from another city and we have visitors from overseas so the rooms are utilized. I really enjoy my elder years because I am more relaxed and don't get emotionally charged. I only need about 6 hours sleep, but I think that is because I meditate at least twice a day. I am at peace so my highs and lows are steady. I still lift weights but not as heavy as when my son use to spot me, but I increased the aerobics. I like to do physical, mental and spiritual stuff to keep busy because it is harder to get a car moving if you are pushing it if it sits. I find the mental and physical are spiritual and vice a versa. I guess we can call it the Trinity. Wine and life does get better with age, we just have to change and put the wine in a new bottle.

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