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Spiritual Direction

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A few days ago I started a post called "Talking About Religion" in which I asked if any one talked about their religion or faith with others. I clearly mistated the question because the answers weren't quite what I expected.


What I really wanted to know was if anyone had a spiritual director or was a spiritual director. Before anybody answers that, consider this quote from Spiritual Direction International:


"Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying people on a spiritual journey. Spiritual direction exists in a context that emphasizes growing closer to God (or the sacred, the holy or a higher power)."


This has nothing to do with religion per se - and it isn't about getting the "right answers". It has to do with someone helping another or a group yo grow in the awareness of God (or Source or Allah or Yahweh or The Force,,,)


I consider my dear friend a spiritual director - he taught me to open my eyes to other possibilities. I consider some posters on this forum to be spiritual directors because they know about the philosophical and theological questions I have. I feel I need a variety of spiritual directors because they offer different points of view, different experiences, different wisdom.


While I think it is good and right that we reach find our path and our answers, I think it is equally important to sort of "touch base" with others now and then. Otherwise, who's to say we haven't become rigid and close-minded on our own journey? That's why I wanted to know if anyone talks about their faith or beliefs (I wrongly throw out the word "religion"). Yes, this forum is important to me. But I always feel like I want more personal interraction - after all, we (humans) are social critters.


So, on my own journey, I like to "stop and ask directions" now and again. Do you?

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Thanks for restating the question. I think I get what you're asking now!


Currently I don't have a "spiritual director." I'm not currently attending a church (though I am still a member) and aside from this forum and the one friend I mentioned on the other thread, so really I'm on my own. I think right now I'm following my own path, in whatever direction my heart feels stirred. Perhaps God is my spiritual director?!

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Thanks for replying Raven - you sort of made my point. You said ...

right now I'm following my own, in whatever direction my heart feels stirred. Perhaps God is my spiritual director?!"


The whole point of spiritual direction, IMO, is not to shove someone on to a certain path, but to help that person on his/her own path. I respect individual paths - I am certainly on my own "God-directed" path. But at points along my path, I like to check in with someone who's "been there done that", just to see if I'm still going where I feel drawn to go. I don't want to veer off and go some place that's not going to helpful to me.


Ah shucks, I guess I'm just having a really tough time asking the right question. Maybe someone will hit on what I'm trying to say and say it better!

Cheers. :blink:

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I feel the spirit is talking to me through everything I encounter. My students push my buttons to tell me what I need to hear. In a Zen story a zen student remarked to his teacher sometimes you say to go this way and then another time you contradict your self and say go in a different direction. The master answered, "I am directing people to the center of the road if they are to the left I recommend going to the right and if they are to the right I recommend going to the left."

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I'd say no, not any particular overall director or guide, other than my inner one, but, yes, I've definitely had and have many teachers, and even mentors that serve to help me along my journey in particular ways at particular times, especially through some rather rough spots along the way. I truly believe the saying, when/as the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.


A friend or other person I can let down and really talk to about such matters? No. This forum is the closest I have, or think I've ever had, to that.



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