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Following Jesus Is Costly


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"By calling ourselves progressive, we mean that we are Christians who....

Recognize that being followers of Jesus is costly, and entails selfless love, conscientious resistance to evil, and renunciation of privilege.


or more recently re-stated and renumbered as Point 7 as who...


Commit to a path of life-long learning, compassion, and selfless love"


re this change: :(:(:(


To me this eliminates the call to "take up your cross and follow me..."



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Following Jesus Is Costly



I am not sure I agree with this anymore.

Getting out of bed is costly.

Growing up is costly

Making decisions is costly


I can say over all I have gotten more out my spiritual travels than I have put in.


I know some have been and are persecuted but to state cost as universal ????



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Coming to this late but I have found that following Christ is costly. As I go deeper into practice and be more obedient to spiritual things the cost is my own creature comforts because of the realization that I cannot sit on the sidelines if life in this broken world. Getting over myself is learning to serve others. That is a hard thing to let go of the "I" I thought I was and realize there is no "I" but the Christ or Buddha nature which masquerades itself as "me".

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