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My Introduction

VA Progressive

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I am a progressive, currently identifying myself as an "evangelic non-theist". I moderate Conversations about Progressive Christianity at Lynnhaven Colony Congregational Church (UCC) in Virginia Beach on Sundays after the service at 11:30.


The hope is that Conversations about Progressive Christianity will be appealing, especially to those who do not find a comfortable fit with popular/traditional Christian understandings. We explore what every believer should know about the Christianity, but probably doesn't. We are not fundamentals, we are not exclusive, we are not dogmatic, we are not bible thumpers, we are not ignorant, we are not brainwashed, we are not afraid, we are not haters, we are not closed minded. We are compassionate, we are inclusive, we are educated, we are open, we are searchers, we are peaceful, we are earth friendly, we are social justice supporters, we are students of Yeshua of Galilee. Conversations about Progressive Christianity started with the discussion of The Center for Progressive Christianity's "Eight Points". "Conversations" is currently enjoying the "Living the Question 2" series.

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VA Progressive,


Welcome. Sounds like you are not new to progressive Christianity and will be comfortable here. Feel free to jump in when you are ready and have if you haven't already familiarized yourself with some of our etiquette and guidelines. We are moderated more heavily than most forums and all views in the right areas are acceptable as long as respectful language for differing views is used.

Being familiar with the 8 points i would think you already know that. Perhaps you will share your first name with us as it feels a bit odd addressing you as VA progressive which i imagine stands for Virginia progressive. :)


Again welcome and hope you feel at home here.

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