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Hello All..from An "adult" Christian


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Hello everyone! I guess I am a little uncomfortable...or maybe that is not quite the correct description....but anyway, I'll use it....uncomfortable using the word progressive Christian. I would prefer to use Adult or Grown-Up Christian...as I think the bible is quite clear about growing out of having to drink milk into eating meat. I think that THE (conservative) CHURCH has stayed immature in their thinking. For instance, even tho it is SO clear about NOT looking at the outside of an individual as a way of evaluating/accepting them...and that the inside, which only God can see, IS the only thing that counts...they continue to make the outside a priority. They also (generally speaking) judge even though it is quite clear not to...that is unless you cannot find a log in your own eye or find no sin in your own life! They also disregard the earth as though it is disposable. They say they love the Creator, yet take little time to take care of the creation. ....anyway, all these attributes (and more) are very juvenile/kindergarten to me. Children love clubs and most conservatives act as tho Christianity is a club and there are only certain people allowed. So, I guess I see myself as more of a Grown-up (even tho I still have lots more growing to do ;)


I grew up and was involved in the conservative church for many years and what truly got me looking at their doctrines was how they accepted abuse in a number of areas, also I saw how the life of the One they say they follow and is their Savior...is not the one they were emulating. I couldn't be there anymore...


Thanks for reading...

Take care all!

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