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  1. I agree BOE. I also think that lukewarmness is not something that I can accuse you of or you me....it is only something that I can, or God can, judge myself on. I also don't think the primary evidence for lukewarmness is our actions...because I think that actions are a outgrowth of what is in the heart. Therefore, it is first a matter of the heart and then after that it still will not be perfect or look like worthy deeds to some people. If you are a tree that produces apples, but someone comes along who only likes oranges and thinks only oranges are worth anything.......well, then....huh...I t
  2. I believe that even though Jesus arrived on earth in one, limited human body...His heart, character and inner-divinity is huge...unimaginably so. So even tho He says He is the Way...it doesn't (necessarily) mean what humans think it means. The Way of Jesus very well could be that He looks at the heart of each person and sees that that person could be somewhere on the path EVEN when the FINITE human eye DOESN'T see it. Jesus sees, for instance, that a persons heart is in actuality saying yes...when all we are seeing is what is on the outside, and so all we may be seeing is the person saying
  3. Can you please elaborate? :^) Where do you think many of them came from?
  4. I actually don't know that we will ever completely see, understand or describe in words why God did what God did. However, I think that if we stepped back and looked at the picture God was painting, I think it would hit home as an ultimate picture of God showing the depth of what His love is and can be for us. The picture portrayed was not God sitting on a throne with a sceptre with His puny subjects scrambling around serving His every whim. Or a big gleaming castle set in the middle of a starving village and people hanging in the gallows. The picture that was painted was not one of a boastful
  5. Dutch, I also have a tendency to do the same thing. I think we all do. However, I do think tolerance has to start with me...then radiate out from there as I believe it stems from an attitude of the heart. An attitude that is humble enough to admit that we do not have all the answers. That we may not understand all the dynamics of communicating effectively (to the other person). I like the picture of someone who enters a room that has been filling up with gas fumes...the person who has been in there doesn't notice anything, in essence - it is common and familiar to them. Yet the person who walk
  6. I am of Polish descent and have always been curious where the idea/myth/stereotype of Polish people being dumb came from? I had thought that when the many Pol's came thru Ellis Island that they could not answer the questions required because they could not speak enough English...and this fact was not taken into account when they were questioned. I remember in a class I took a number of years ago the teacher spoke about this...and that many times a question would be asked, such as; What color is a school bus? Well, even tho the person didn't even know what a school bus was!...they would be "gra
  7. Rivanna, I used to think of the Bible as more of a manual of rules...and didn't get emotional reactions unless a verse stuck out at me.~~~~~~~~~~However, I now see the bible a different way entirely. Now, to me it is like my Father has set me on His knee and shares His secrets and wisdom with me...a little at a time. So, now, I do have tears or a feeling of warmness, because I am confident that this is indeed the purpose of scripture,,,,,not to condemn, but to bestow wisdom and understanding. Then if there is something that seems condemning then I know that it is just something else that I nee
  8. I think that people in general underestimate the power of words as well! Quotes are others wisdom which many times have been wrought out of suffering, and at the very least life experience...so it would behoove us to pay heed, as maybe it might lead us to the same wise thinking, without the same suffering.
  9. Dutch, I've taken some "trips" through the internet lately, to see what others say about PC. I find it interesting the multitude of perspectives...especially when I began using other words other then progressive. There are apparently many folks who see that Christianity...as far as that which comes from the conservative viewpoint...needs to be reevaluated in how it has been practiced, and even what role Christ still plays in the whole thing. My background is in the conservative Christian way of thinking. Which is from basically childhood up until about 12 or so yrs ago. So I guess tha
  10. Thank you Bill for this. I have kind of went full circle in my Christian faith...meaning I started out just simply believing that there was a Creator and that He loved me; His creation. Then I went for yrs and was very involved in the church and practiced my faith to the utmost. I got very serious about witnessing and etc... However, I am pretty much back to where I started. A very simple faith..yes, a more mature and assured type of faith with much more understanding, but simple none the less. Part of what I have come back to, altho in a stronger sense, is paying attention to what is in
  11. Thanks for the door being open! It is so nice being welcome... These are my favorite quotes...that nourish me...in fact, I can feel them sink down into my heart....hope they do similar for you! "You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper." ~ DD Runes "Integrity has no need of rules." ~ A Camus "If a man happens to find himself, he has a mansion which he can inhabit with dignity all the days of his life." ~ JA Michener "I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." ~ T Edison ****************************************************
  12. Hi Rivanna, Well, that and other particular movies have confirmed what I had already been thinking...which is kinda cool when it's not really a new concept or idea to me, but one I have already been thinking about. For me, it makes me feel like I must be going in the right direction and somewhat on the ball anyway! Ha! :^D You had mentioned about Is. 30...to me that is saying that whatever path you took, it was the 'right' one. That because we don't know the future (I don't anyway) that God means for us to do things out of faith...and no matter what path we took there will always be an e
  13. Dutch...I'm sorry, you lost me. I do not limit God...or truly endeavor not to...so I am not really sure where you are coming from??? I think I made it quite clear about what I was saying. I believe that if any group (because there are hundreds and hundreds of them) believes they have God all figured out, then they are likely to insist others follow "their" God as well. Therefore, I believe that it is most important (or at least something to consider), that we keep our hearts and minds open and be humble and not self-righteous concerning how we handle our own understanding of God...because God
  14. Ada, I appreciate you raising this question/topic. Something that has been going on in my life is the realization how immense God is. I am wondering if the reason there is intolerance towards other faiths or denominations, is because each have brought God down to human level and claimed God for their own...and have modeled Him in their minds in a way that fits their version of what a God should be...and then to them, what God IS. Therefore, if they believe that God IS THAT specific kind of God...Who only accepts as right, THEIR kind of lifestyles...then it would make it evident to them t
  15. Good point Neon! Thats why I prefer Christianity, as Christ..who is a person...is followed instead of rules. To me the bible is like a letter (or letters) given to your children...letters that give inspiration and explanation. But are, I believe secondary to Jesus Himself...as I believe and have experienced that Jesus is still here and active in Spirit...so why would I HAVE to refer to a set of rules on knowing how to live? They are good and a concrete reference tool when I need it...but as I mature in spiritual stature I go to it not as a set of rules but as a way of learning about our s
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