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God And Extraterrestials

Quaker Way

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A brief survey of the general population would uncover a fair number of people who believe that intellegent life exists outside of our own solar system. This being the case, I have never heard any discussion of what the relationship between God and extraterrestial civilizations might be, how that fact would alter our own beliefs, and how we would view Jesus in terms of an earth-only messiah. This may seem like a bit of a far-flung topic, but for me it is simply a process of connecting two facts together...God and extraterrestial bengs. What do you think?

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I very much believe that there is life on other planets and in other universes. And I think it rational that wherever sentient life exists, God has revealed Itself to that life in such a way as is best for them. That is why the idea of the Incarnation means so much to me. Not the idea of Incarnation in Jesus only, but in all life. I just think from time to time that God punches us in the arm and says, "Here I Am." :)

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It is a fascinating subject. I know C.S. Lewis addressed it in his "Space Trilogy". Basically he had a solar system full of life, but only earth was fallen (we were called the "Silent Planet"). It allowed him to portray unfallen cultures on other planets, and he did a great job.


I have read quite a few short stories over the years that have addressed the question. Some have Jesus incarnating as one of the natives to offer salvation, others have it being our job to carry the Gospel into the universe. No solid agreement, so the creative field is open. Until we have definite contact of one form or another it will all be speculation.


But that can be good. Speculation in this area is a fun and creative way to deal with the question: how does God relate to us, what are that relations forms and boundaries?


I am really undecided on this question. I believe there is extraterrestrial life. I believe God loves and relates to them as He does to us. But the exact nature . . . ahh, there's the fascinating part.

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Well it all reminds me of the Star Trek question. Ok, let's say Klingons are a real species.

You might say that Klingons need lots of help. Sure they are honorable, at least some of them

are, but they are warlike, aggressive, etc. So do they need redemption. I would guess so.

So who is Christ to the Klingons? Do they need Christ?


Of course, I did ask this one before, and got the answer Kaless (sp?).

:-) I don't actually think Kaless was Christ, more of a Moses. :-)


Of course, CS Lewis does kind of do this, with his story of Aslan. I'm not sure he

really goes far enough in making Narnia a new place. The animals are more

like people in animal outfits. They speak English. Narnia looks pretty much like Earth.

Klingons are more fully realized as different from humans, but perhaps more like humans

of say the Samarai age than today.



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