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  1. "It is my conviction that the root of all evil is the want of a living faith in a living God. It is a first-class human tragedy that peoples of the earth that claim to believe in the message of Jesus whom the describe as the Prince of Peace show little of that belief in actual practice." Mohandas Gandhi, 1936 I agree with the spirit of your post, Dave. It is the reduction of Jesus the teacher to Jesus the idol to be worshipped. This has turned Christianity into a cult following instead of a living faith based upon his teaching. Jesus as God is a human construction just like the Bible. I
  2. Good Morning, Gunny... Thank you for posting! We have a few things in common. I'm ex-Navy and Vietnam combat veteran as well as being in recovery myself. Spent a lot of 24 hours in church basements! Whatever it takes to keep me sober just for today. Faith is a journey that unfolds before us over the course of a lifetime. I have deepend my faith as a Quaker by committing myself to understanding God through nonviolence as taught by Gandhi. There's a saying in The Rooms, "Let it begin with me." My Faith and Practice is certainly not mainstream, but my Faith is personal and not borrowed from
  3. I would stongly suggest 'Mohandas Gandhi Essential Writings'. Gandhi explains the spiritual connection between God and non-violence. In addition, he writes about his own development of a deep inner life and his career as an activist in the social struggles for human rights. The book is about $12.00 from Amazon and is short enough for group readings.
  4. Good Morning... I have found that my Faith is to be lived because, without doing so, I would simply be a hypocrite. My own Journey must include the practice of deep exploration of my motives and an understanding of the source of what I claim to be my convictions. For example, my dedication to peace and non-violence would be just a nice idea if I didn't understand that peace and non-violence are the Way of God. I therefore do not vote for politicians that support war and violence, reject any form of violence and war as entertainment, and support mass peaceful demonstrations and boycotts aga
  5. Religeous Society of Friends...a tradtional Quaker.
  6. Welcome, Waterbear! Although I am a Quaker, I am familiar with Gnostic gospels and teachings. My Gnostic reading has changed my thinking concerning not only my here and now, but understanding of the teachings of Jesus. Again, Welcome!
  7. My point is that the late Mr. Gaddafi has some explaining to do to God.
  8. As a Quaker, I follow this single guiding Testimony: "We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and fightings with outward weapons, for any end, or under any pretence whatsoever; and this is our testimony to the whole world. The spirit of Christ, by which we are guided, is not changeable, so as once to command us from a thing as evil and again to move unto it; and we do certainly know, and so testify to the world, that the spirit of Christ, which leads us into all Truth, will never move us to fight and war against any man with outward weapons, neither for the kingdom of Christ, nor for t
  9. Jesus' arguments against the ruling Pharisee party was clearly political according to Borg. Jesus not only presented the Kingdom of God as being obtainable here on earth and was for the role of the Temple in Jewish life...but not a Temple controlled by the ruling class and its political parties of the time. For example, the interpretation of Jewish purity law by the Pharisees enforced the marginalization of the poor and non-Jewish peoples. Jesus, on the other hand, agitated for a society that embraced all people as being not only Children of God, but worthy of inclusion in the Kingdom. This po
  10. Good Morning... I have been reading discussions of the 'historical Jesus' from both the approach of scholars such as Bart Ehrman and Marcus Borg as well as references to Jesus in Gnostic writings. To date, the best work on the person that was Jesus is Borg's earlier work, 'Conflict, Holiness, and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus'. What has evolved over the centuries is a personality cult in the form of a religion that turned Jesus into an idol for worship and did not focus on his thinking and teachings. How different the world would be if this had not been the case! To me, jesus was not
  11. This is a brief explanation of the origins of the Shaker movement by a fellow Friend... http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~quakers/shakers.htm
  12. Trees are part of my human conscience. No two are alike and their forms grow up from the ground filled with the Sprit of True Nature. I have hiked through forests and have camped surrounded by them. I have been protected from storms by them and have heard them making sounds in the night wind. There is something about trees...something that they know, something much deeper than we can guess at with all of our science and pretensive intelectualizing. Enya released a CD some years back called 'The Memory of Trees'...perhaps she suspects this too.
  13. Good Morning... Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bill....we share very similar ideas as to our understanding of the Divine Poet. Human religion tends to take on various aspects of idol worship whether that be statues, crosses, or even a meteorite. We can justify this as being just symbols and yet these symbols combine with the worship of other humans whose wisdom and writings pointed to a higher way of being. Jesus, Buddah, and Muhammad were humansthat have been given a divine status and who actually block the way to God by having the focus of our seeking placed on them. This continuous f
  14. Good Morning... Chapter 1 of John is often referred to as the 'Quaker Chapter' because of the Quaker's belief that the Light of God shines within us all.
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