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This post was inspired by Ashpenaz's comment:

17 hours ago, Ashpenaz said:

I just want to be a follower of Jesus!

Which in of itself is fair enough. But I do wonder why? Of course I have some opinions this and in large part it is because we are social animals and it is important we are part of a tribe. When we say want to follow Jesus, do we we mean we want to follow recollections and imaginations of ancient scribes of what they thought Jesus actually said and did? Because that is what we are in fact doing. Obviously some embellishments may have slipped in along the way. Do we really believe we are going to follow Jesus and walk on water? I don't think Ashpenaz had this in mind for one second. 

So do we need to be a follower of Jesus to be kind and compassionate to one another? Ultimately that is what the teachings boil down to in a secular sense. 

The simpler and more modern interpretation might be the Gandhi Be the change you want to see in the world

I am reminded again of an exchange between Campbell and Moyers

On 2/10/2020 at 8:05 AM, romansh said:

Moyers Like all heroes, the Buddha does not show you the truth itself, he shows you the way to the truth. Campbell But it’s got to be your way, not his

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15 hours ago, romansh said:

So do we need to be a follower of Jesus to be kind and compassionate to one another?

This is actually something you've prompted me to think about before, Rom.  And really, I have more questions about following Jesus than answers.

If 'sin' and 'hell' and removed from the equation (as most PC's lean toward I expect) what is it that Jesus equates to?  If we understand that Jesus was a man of his times who expected a supernatural God to enter the world at any minute and essentially was wrong, what does that leave us?

There is the understanding that Jesus was exceptionally kind and preached a message of forgiveness, tolerance and living in peace with one another, which of course are fantastic aspirations, and in Jesus' day were probably cutting edge and a message rarely heard, but does that warrant 'worship' of Jesus?

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