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Site to continue for 2022 (& 2023)


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I received the following message from Invision Power Services which is our software provider and host of this site ...


Rhett (Invision Community)

Sep 22, 2020, 11:58 PM EDT

Hello, I'm sorry for the trouble here, it seems your site has missed our internal audits, the 25 plan hasn't been offered in a few years now and doesn't include SSL, which has also been required for some time now.  Due to a recent update at AWS which hosts our cloud, this is now showing an issue with any site not using SSL.

Our min plan that we have offered for about a year now is the 65 plan, which is 45.00 per month, we can update your plan to the 65 plan and add SSL for you at no charge to correct this issue.  Please let us know if you have any questions or how you wold like to proceed. 

Thank you.

Support and Cloud Manager
Invision Power Services, Inc.


We are barely able to maintain support for the  $20/month with only 8-10 active members a month and it is being raised to $45/ mo. A lot of people have moved on to Facebook and other free social media groups. Any thoughts from members?


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Hi all, just an update.  I am now funding this forum by myself at a cost of $540 USD/year ($45/mnth).  I really don't want to see the forum go by the wayside and am investigating ways to make it more financially viable past 2021.  In the meantime, if you find any value in maintaining this forum, please consider contributing a month's worth of fees or in fact anything you consider reasonable to help share the load. 

Please know that your use of the forum archives or participation here do not, and never will, require you to make any donation.  It is only if you feel the urge to help out that I ask you to consider donating by Paypal to 1paulsmedley@gmail.com

A lot of members and non-members (guests) alike benefit and gain inspiration in their progressive journey from searching/reading from our forum database of over 52,000 posts. Readers average between 7-10 guests present during any 15-minute interval. You can help keep this resource on-line to the benefit of those who by your contribution are able to benefit from its content.

Thanks everyone.



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Hi members, site users, visitors and even those who prefer to peruse but keep to themselves :),

This site is a not-for-profit, privately-funded Forum, which I have committed to maintaining availability for the many people who use the resources here.  I personally, literally, found the forum as a lifesaver years ago and since then I have seen many people benefit from having access to a site and Forum like this, both in current threads and the plethora of information and topics discussed found within our archives.  I am yet to find a similar site/forum available on the internet.  To that end I really hope to keep the site up and running as long as I can.

This site will always remain freely available to anybody who wants to use it or participate here.  But as you can expect there is a cost in funding such a site (I'm just talking about fees here to the hosting company).  In 2021 almost 1/3 of the hosting costs were covered by donations.  Thanks to those who donated - you know who you are.

2022 is on its way and I am again recommitted to funding the site for another year.  I have had a generous unsolicited donation of $95 USD to contribute to 2022.  If you feel this forum is of any value to you and you would like to contribute, please consider a contribution via paypal to 1paulsmedley@gmail.com

Again, please do not feel obliged in any way, shape or form to contribute, but if you would like to, all the better! :)

Thanks people

Peace and goodwill



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Just my annual post letting users here know that if they might be prepared to help support the cost of running this Forum site, then any donation would be appreciated and can be made to my Paypal account at 1paulsmedley@gmail.com.  The upfront cost of running this platform is still $540 USD / year (or nearly $800 Aussie dollars).  I earn no revenue from this site or any affiliation with Progressive Christianity.

Thankyou to all of those who have previously assisted keeping this site alive!

Happy New Year to all and I wish everyone the best for 2023!



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