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Are You alone?


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I am not alone but I am alone in my faith. No one in my family shares my views or beliefs and I get shuffled aside often. It's ok because my faith is mine. As for guilt, that is the whole reason I started down this path, I had to find a way to forgive myself for my past and asking for God's forgiveness seemed like the first logical step. Once I realized that all things are in God's way and in God's time my life got a whole lot easier. I realize God has always been there waiting and all I had to do was realize there was a different way than what I was currently living. God only gives you as much as you can handle. So now instead of being a self absorbed, grumpy, negative, judgemental person, through God's grace I have found a little peace within myself. Thank you for asking if I am alone and guilty. I am, but everyday I see beauty where I did not before, I see people who need help and want help them, not admonish them for being an unemployed burden on society. With faith, hope and love my eyes have been opened and my heart has begun to heal.

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