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  1. I have started looking for a fellowship to land at. I have just started my search but I noticed that much of the congregation at the service I attended last week was 65+. Maybe it is that importance of community and fellowship was lost after the baby boomers. Society is in decline, everything is moment by moment and people would rather worship celebrities and athletes than go to Church and worship God. Oh and religion is vilified in popular media, movies and video games. Hopefully we can find our way back. If things don't change, Hardline Christians don't start coming around to acceptance and
  2. My father was raised Mennonite and my mother was Apiscopol (did not spell that well). My father left the church in Highschool and I think my mom was always a take or leave it person. My father completely rebelled. When I was a kid, religion was a bad word at our dinner table. Oddly my sister became a BAC Pastor and I found God the hard way, through personal tragedy and a willingness to lie to myself for 47 years.
  3. I am glad of any dialog you are willing to share. Maybe I am using the word "judge" as a metaphor for, I guess, live and let live. If someone is doing wrong, it is not judging them by you doing the right thing and affecting some kind of change in their behavior. Even if it is reporting them to the authorities, you are making a positive change in their lives. Humans are bad at asking for help and resisting temptation, in whatever form it is. I know this from experience. I have battled with addiction for a very long time. Having faith has made a big difference in fighting that battle.
  4. PC is to me a path to faith where I get to hold on to the all inclusive values taught by my hippie parents while exploring God's love through humanity. Ours is not to judge or condemn. Ours is to explore and love. Many "legacy" systems of Christianity appose the message much of the Bible is trying to convey. PC is a way to merge faith with modern science, sociology and life experience. I think it is not what you believe, who to or where you pray, just that you have faith and a moral compass. I want to do good things and be a better person, so I take those lessons and apply them to my life in a
  5. I am not alone but I am alone in my faith. No one in my family shares my views or beliefs and I get shuffled aside often. It's ok because my faith is mine. As for guilt, that is the whole reason I started down this path, I had to find a way to forgive myself for my past and asking for God's forgiveness seemed like the first logical step. Once I realized that all things are in God's way and in God's time my life got a whole lot easier. I realize God has always been there waiting and all I had to do was realize there was a different way than what I was currently living. God only gives you as muc
  6. Ok, so if I am looking at things from a completely faith based standpoint, at least 70% of our current leaders are corrupt and by old testament standard should be stoned to death for their slights against God by the community at large. But as I always say, ours is not to judge, that's someone else's job. Either way we do not have a really good, honest, forthright candidate on either side. I will most likely write in my dog because she is all about love. After Trump slammed Romney and people of faith in general during a "prayer" breakfast (Trump is only Christian in name
  7. Ok here is my funny quote...probably not even close, anyway.... This is from the Babylon Bee but I heard it on a podcast. Q: What has God done for me lately? A: Is that air you're breathing? Are your lungs processing that air, oxygenating your blood to feed your brain to allow you to think and live? Is this process not a miracle? So next time someone asks you what has God done for me lately, ask them if that's air they're breathing...lol
  8. I am new to faith. I do not profess to be of one denomination or another, infact I have not even decided on a fellowship at this point. I have made some poor choices in life as I am sure we all have. I also have had some trying times over the last few years. Finally after many struggles I started praying, reading and putting my faith in God. My life has changed for the better since I embraced faith but I am still having a hard time with many of the "Christian" values. I was not raised in the church and my folks have always been all inclusive, gay, straight, black, white and what have you. I am
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