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America Was Not Founded Upon Godly Principles.


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1.)  No place in Scripture states or even implies "All Men Are Created Equal."

2.)  No place in Scrupture states or demonstrates anyone has "Inalienable Rights To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

3.)  The Names of God and Jesus are not written in America's Founding Documents.

4.)  No Scripture is cited within The Founding Documents.

5.)  None of the specified features of America's Government or system of voting to elect its leaders is from Scripture.

6.)  America was founded upon genocide of Native Americans, involuntary slavery via human trafficking, theft, White Supremacy, political deception, rebellion against Kingly authority, and military conquest for economic gain.  None of this is taught or commanded in Scripture.

7.)  Godliness in Scripture specifies that Christians are to "Love Your Enemies," not to kill them as British Soldiers.

8.)  America was not founded as a Theocracy upon the Mosaic Torah, which is the only way a True Theocracy can exist under God, and has been historically limited to the Hebrew Nation of Ancient Isreal.

9.)  The Symbology and official buildings of America were heavily influenced by Freemasonry, with a majority of its Founding Fathers being Masons, and its founding dates being directly linked to European Masonry.  Freemasonry serves the program of Lucifer.

10.)  America's Founding Documents were assembled and ratified after much debate, conflict of ideology, and compromise, which in no manner shows the earmarkings of how God creates and directs Divinely purposed endeavors.

11.)  America's Founding Documents were purposefully constructed to supposedly protect its Citizens from Government Corruption and abuse.   No such Government founded upon the inevitable weakness of human nature can be called "Godly In Principle."

12.)  No person today can readily cite what are the presumed "Godly Principles" upon which America was founded.

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Welcome to the Forum JoWillie.  We encourage new members to share a little about themselves, if they are willing, in the section called Introduce Yourself.  I hope you might choose to introduce yourself and I hope you might enjoy engaging with others here, of course whilst respecting contrary opinions.

I'm not an American myself, so I don't get too excited personally as to whether your country was or was not established by people with a certain view of God in mind.  I have to admit though, I think a worldly establishment is probably much better than a 'Godly' one just because I think that usually those who have a particular view of exactly how such a Godly establishment should look like, usually end up making it hell for everybody else!

The British weren't the first to discover Australia some 40,000 to 80,000yrs after our indigenous Australians arrived (when Australia was joined by land up through Indonesia and further north) but indeed when they set their mind to establishing Australia as part of the British Empire there was a fair bit of genocide and general disdain/disregard for the original inhabitants of the land here too.  We are a 'Christian' nation also (statistically) but thankfully it is generally more 'relaxed' and Aussies are a lot more tolerant of religions I think than perhaps some parts of the US.

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On 1/19/2020 at 1:10 AM, JoWillie said:



Is this a good thing or a bad thing, in your mind, that America was not so founded?

i guess it might be bad if one thinks of the USA as a Christian nation or would like it to be a Christian nation but it is good if one is a secularist or simply a religious person who believes and accepts a separation between Church and State. 

I thought it might be the former for you but I'm now allowing that it might be the latter.


Of course, we do have the trumpster who postures as if it is the former, conducts himself as one who separates yet respects neither Church or State and through it all consistently violates both Scripture and the Founding Documents ;+{





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On 1/20/2020 at 11:13 AM, romansh said:

Welcome JoWillie

I think most people past and present here would agree that the founding fathers were secular in flavor. Like Paul, I am not American but I would be happy to see a more secular US.


Yes.  We do want you to be personally happier.  That is the highest possible state of being for you Austrailians.


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On 1/19/2020 at 6:26 AM, thormas said:

Thank God for the wisdom of the Founding Fathers

Did you have evidence to show the Founding Fathers had wisdom from God?   Diligently search for it, within your intuitive activity.


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Your post to Thormas is in breach of the Forum guidelines as it is rude and offensive (both to women and to Thormas) and I have subsequently removed it from this thread.  Please ensure your posts are in accordance with the Forum guidelines, or do not participate here.  The Forum is a safe place for all to discuss their views and opinions, even when we disagree.


(As Administrator).


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16 hours ago, Jenson said:

Did you have evidence to show the Founding Fathers had wisdom from God?   Diligently search for it, within your intuitive activity.

Of course. And do you have evidence to the contrary? 

You show me yours and I'll show you mine.


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