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  1. More than a few People here in PC, and encountered in other Christian discussions, will sincerely say they personally "Are Spiritually Minded, and Believe in God, But Are Not Religious." I say these People are false and mindless within their own claim to be that way. They think being "Religious" is bad. But, they are speaking in ignorance. Here is how we know they are. The Bible gives a clear definition of Pure Religion Before God. I will let you find it for yourself. Because, an honest Person who claims it is good to "Not Be Religious" should accept correction from The Bible i
  2. Yes, The Revised 8 Points herein this Site reviewed lovely notions. Number 1.) Spoke of "Following the Path of Jesus." Now tell me, Progressives, how do you follow the Path of Jesus? Give 5 specific material actions you routinely complete which imitate the actions of Jesus. You should know that mere talk and ideology are not material actions. And, also know that John 14:12 records Jesus Himself stating those who "Believe in Me" will both replicate and exceed His material works. John 14:12. Be entirely brave and bold to look up this reference all by yourself, before trying to sh
  3. This should not be difficult to do, especially for those who like to "Welcome" new participants. Let's have some bullet points to show exactly unto what sort of Christianity anyone here purposes to "Progress." Then, delightfully share how you have succeeded. Thanks in advance for your information.
  4. Did you have evidence to show the Founding Fathers had wisdom from God? Diligently search for it, within your intuitive activity. Lol.
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