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Hello From Rev. Robert Gutleben From Sebastopol, Ca


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I am an ex Evangelical/Fundamentalist minister of the Good Samaritan Community Church of Sebastopol. My exit from my old denomination was primarily due to my call for equal standing for both women and those who were divorced and remarried. Fortunately, the ownership of the church property and articles of incorporation were the sole possession of my individual congregation. Thus, after all was said and done, the majority of the congregation voted to keep me as pastor and separate from the denomination. This began a long journey of questioning my faith, taking with people of other faiths, and a very negative view of the right wing EF community. Today my wife and I still meet with a small group of people on Sunday mornings. We still practice the communion and prayer, but we are inclusive and have had people of various religions, atheists, and visitors who just wanted to spend a Sunday morning with us. I am currently involved in a Biblical Prehistory Study Group with people of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, and Christian faith. At this time in my life I consider myself to be a seeker. The last book I ready was The Folly of God, A Theology of the Unconditional, by John Caputo. Of course, there is more to say, but this seems to be a good start.

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Welcome Vicar1#.


Thanks for the intro. There are a wide variety of Christians, seekers, atheists, agnostics and humanists here, so it may feel a little like your Sunday morning meeting! :)


I hope you enjoy the forum and participating here.




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Vicar, All inclusive open to the spirit and consciousness of God talking to you though the Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Taoist and Buddhist and letting your soul commune with their glory. May you continue until everyone feels united. You are a great example.......................

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