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Greetings From Baltimore Maryland


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I was attracted to this site because of its title "Progressive Christianity."


I live in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland and am expecting the Ravens to win the Superbowl this Sunday.


How do I set up my account with avatar and other settings? I see not an "account setting" button.



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Welcome to the forum, thethinker,


i'm in Australia myself but look forward to the 49ers winning their (6th?) Superbowl (just teasing- I don't follow it).


For the changes you ask about go to the top right of the page where you're name appears and choose My Settings.


I hope you enjoy participating here.




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Thanks for the greeting. I would like to visit Australia just to see kangaroos. Kangaroos are my favorite animal. I didn't know that Australians followed the NFL teams. Sorry to hear that you are rooting for the 49ers. :(

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Well I've been to San Fran but not to Baltimore, so that's my only reason!


I wouldn't say many Australians follow your football - we have our own national game which is called Australian Rules Football, which is much tougher and more athletic than your football with all it's rest breaks and protective padding :)


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