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A Suggestion

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Thanks for the clarification Myron,


Presently, there is a system set up for people to comment on articles and essays on the home page that are written by anyone who submitted the article or essay and was approved. This can be found by clicking on "Read More" on the preview of the article, essay, or resource on the home page . The author there has the ability to approve or disapproves comments readers wish to make and are submitted at the bottom of the article.. It is not their intention to divert their readers here. However, people are certainly welcome to start up a thread in the discussion board here relating to any article from the main site referencing the article and opening up here for discussion in an appropriate area such as Debate and Dialog if it is to be debated or the Progressive Christianity if supporting comments.


Unfortunately, i think our discussion board was easier to find on the old homepage and i have notified the organization twice on that point. I believe the changes to the new format has created some problems that will take a while to work out As far as starting a separate forum for such here, the moderatoring team is currently considering this option and we will get back to you shortly.


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I think it is a good idea.


I don't know how to put this without being offensive but I will try.

This can be a very intimidating place for the average run of the mill person who is questioning. Most who of us who post here are well above average in intelligence and the writings reflect that. In addition most are mature in their faith. This would be very difficult for a person new to PC to understand.


A place where "high english" is not spoken would be a good thing and a place where folks won;t feel out of place would be good as well.



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Sorry to have you waiting so long. I have tried to give enough time for all the moderators a chance to chime in in our moderator forum. I think in the future if we see more of an interest than we presently see to discuss the issues raised on our home organization page then it might be good for us to dedicate such an area as you have suggested. At the present time, it seems to us our main organization wants comments directed to the authors of those articles/issues on that site. However, if we here wish to discuss them here, we are most welcome and are free to do so under the appropriate rules and guidelines of our existing forum headings until such time that a higher level of interest in those articles / issues for the type of discussions we have on this board might justify a separate forum area of its own.


Thanks for the suggestion which we are definity open to implementing in the future if we see enough interest is generated through use of our existing PC and Debate and Dialog sections here to discuss them.



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