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Reincarnation Test


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I got stuck on the second page - none of the answers fit me.


So I suppose I'm not going to get reincarnated. :)


I understand this is supposed to be a bit of fun but it does propagate a particular aspect of Buddhism and it reminded me of an essay by Stephen Batchelor, where he says:



That’s one thing [reincarnation] I have a very agnostic view about. I don’t personally believe that you have to hold any belief in reincarnation to practice Buddhism. To me, reincarnation is a very good example of a metaphor of consolation. Traditionally, rein­carnation is actually what you’re trying to escape from. It’s very ironic that Westerners actually think that reincarnation is something to look forward to, because it’s actually what the Buddha was trying to get you out of.


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