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Progessive Episcopalian


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I've been on a progressive journey for a couple of years now. It started with "A New Kind Of Christian" by Brian McLaren. I've recently listented to some great sermons (Progressive Faith Sermons - Dr. Roger Ray) on iTunes that I came across on facebook. Over the years I've come to find church to be pretty boring and un-inspiring. It's so... rote. Too much emphasis on money, too little emphasis on community and spiritual growth. And, I find myself at odds with the church's stance on same sex marriage as well as ordination of gay/lesbian priests/bishops. My church and diocese are much more conservative that the national Episcopal church or, TEC as it is commonly referred to. I guess what I'm looking for is more meaning, relevance, and inspiration from my faith, and from my church community (or maybe a new church community, if that's where I am led). So anyhow, that's my story...


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Welcome PJ. I am also at odds with some church's stance on Gay and Lesbian Marriage and also their view on Gay and Lesbian ministers. I feel many churches have boxed themselves into a hole because of being led by rigid Dogma rather than the Spirit and now some are faced with having massive splits within churches and people on either side leaving. If (IMO) we are led by the Spirit then our faith is always developing and we can accommodate when we need to change for the better. If we stand only on Dogma then we become static and stagnating and fearing of every change that comes our way. I look at the Anglican Church in the UK. It (IMO) fears to debate Gay Bishops and they have already lost many people because they took a stand on having women minsters and now fear more will leave if they have women Bishops. Attendence at Church is at an all time low. I just wish they would listen to minsters like Spong.

Anyway my friend. Welcome.

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