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Members who are on line are shown on the bottom left side of main screen. Below that are the number of members in chat. If you click on the chat tab at the top of that page when you come to the forum it will put you in the chat room. You then can go back to reading without leaving chat and when someone else enters you will hear a chime and see the number of members logged into chat in red on the tab you clicked. You can then go there to chat by clicking the tab again or if you opened chat in a separate window the first time you went there, you can just click on that window if you like. if people get into the habit of checking in to the chat room while on line in the forum it is more likely to be used.



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where did our 'edit post' function go? My 'edt' button is missing!!! You mean I

m going to have to start proof-reading and editing before I make that final decision to hit 'post'????



Moved post here from a General forum thread.... JM moderator

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This is a test post concerning your question/complaint.


This post was edited here >>>> edit button should show for about 30 minutes after initial post, then the post can no longer be edited. same as in old Rev




PS If you want to edit it after that time, only a moderator can do it with your permission by PM which he will note in post.. My member edit button is still present but i can't wait 30 minutes so i'm gone for the night and i doubled checked and it was set for 30 min

Edited by TestMember
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