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Just read a Spong book for the first time and am so relieved after all these years to see my feelings about Christianity expressed in print. Why don't we hear some of this ftom our pulpits. I'm session clerk at a small Presbyterian church and am going to start spreading the word im rural maine.Any MAine churches with a connection?

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You'll find several here who agree with you. An older John Spong said


So, I think the real lack is that we don’t teach the Bible. It’s not that we ought to stand up

in church on Easter Sunday and say, “Most people don’t think the Resurrection has anything to

do with physical resuscitation,” or that we should stand up at your late service or midnight

service on Christmas Eve and say, “Everybody knows that the story of the manger is a myth.”

That’s not the time or the place to say it. But I would suggest to you that a couple weeks later

in January, you can go back and analyze the birth narratives, and people don’t get upset. It’s

like taking Santa Claus away from a child two weeks before Christmas. You don’t want to take

Santa Claus away at the midnight service—but two weeks later you can do it.


I wasn't within earshot when he was a younger fiestier prophet. I think liberal preachers do too little teaching from the pulpit but even liberal congregations seem to have a limit as to how much deconstruction and reconstruction they can tolerate in worship on Sunday morning.


Well, I forgot we were just saying hello. You can probably find a thread that discusses these issues or you can begin your own





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McNab, what Dutch has so subtly hinted to you is that its a good idea to take introducing your new progressive/liberal ideas to those in your church congregation very very carefully and slowly...






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Many thanks to you all for the welcome - and for the helpful comments. No, I realise this is a topic that can't be introduced suddenly to congregations and that many would be shocked to hear these things in the middle of a church service. I understand it all has to be done with exceeding care and sensitivity to others who may have difficulties with the concepts involved. Many thanks again!

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