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Introducing Myself - Sara From South Carolina

Sara Damewood

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Don't know why I didn't do this before! I live in the midlands of South Carolina and am interested in forming a loose network of other progressive Christians in the midlands of South Carolina. I attend many churches and am not ready to commit to joining a church or denomination, although I know I want to follow a Christian path.


I was raised Catholic, very active in my youth... president of Catholic Youth Organization, sang in folk Masses, chose to go to Catholic college (College of Notre Dame, women's college, and Catholic University). Then, out of a period of doubt and questioning, I became a Unitarian Universalist for most of my adult life. I have done some religious exploration, including involvement in Eastern and earth-centered traditions, but I have identified myself as a UU until recently. Now, I'm not sure. I particularly identify with the Universalist side of the UU tradition. In addition to attending various Christian churches, I've recently been using the Ignatian spiritual exercises.


I'm coordinating a retreat for South Carolina's progressive Christians 5/20-22/11 with the main event on Saturday, 5/21. I've posted info. under "events." Looks like I can attach the flyer, so I will... It's a free event, but donations will go to tcpc.


Glad to be connected here.

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