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Introducing myself

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Just to expand a bit, now in McDonald's and boosted by caffeine, just think about the age old Christian hymn written by John Newton (once he had dropped his slave trading occupation - and quite what he ever considered the eventual fate of those slaves who expired in mid-atlantic and were dispensed with over the side, I have no idea. Maybe I could read a biography of the guy sometime and be illuminated?) Yes, anyway, the words:-

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
  And grace my fears relieved....

The teaching to "fear" represents the software, the programming. Teach to fear according to a time-conditioned theology, then hey presto! supply the necessary "answers" to be "believed", the "only" ones given the programming. 

But what about the Hardware? Reality itself?  Well, why bother with that when you can simply wait until you are dead to start living?

All this reminds me of me saying to my "other half" (aka significant other, spouse, wife, love of my life) that I felt that I was now in danger of becoming just a Grumpy Old Man, and she said:-

"What do you mean, becoming?"

 Well, there you are



A Grumpy Old Man, or maybe just beginning to fear, awaiting the suitable programming to relieve his fears. 


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On 4/29/2024 at 4:39 AM, RedAppleSpice said:

Hi, I'm a 17 year old interested in programming. I come to this website in the hopes of me being able to stick to a religion.

Hi Red Apple,

Sorry for the delayed response.

You might find some use for our mother site - https://progressivechristianity.org/  That might be a useful resources for better understanding what Progressive Christianity is about, has heaps of resources, and lists a network of likeminded churches that may be of some assistance to you.



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