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Member Weekly Short Sermons (Read Only)

This area is for member participation in sharing their personal short sermons/homilies of an inspiring, uplifting, or informative nature that would be of interest to someone on a spiritual journey. (see guidelines for details)

Sermon guidelines and operation

This area is open for member contributions. Write and share formal / informal, short sermons (up to1500 words max) whose intent is to uplift, edify, and invite readers along the multifaceted journey of progressive faith.

Creativity is welcome. Provide us a window into your journey. Inspirational poetry, paintings, and photos, etc., or a welcome addition. We ask only that one be aware of any potential copyright infringement.

The sermon need not be explicitly Christian but it should carry the intention of being of value and application to everyone.

When a member has prepared something to submit (s)he may go ahead and post immediately in this area using the Add Topic button; add a title and paste in the final text from an outside editor.

All sermons are automatically queued but hidden from view. Members should therefore proofread their post before submission, as it will remain invisible to all. Once each week, in the order of submission, a sermon will be made visible by a moderator. While there will be no Q&A, replies, or comments to sermons in this area, members are always welcome to start a related thread concerning the subject matter of a sermon in an appropriate area of the forum.

In order to participate, members will be required to have a minimum of 100 total posts and to have been active in the last 2 months, with at least 2 posts within that time frame.

Proselytizing here would not be considered an appropriate intention. Writings and teachings from any religious text or philosophy can be shared so long as it avoids proselytizing and is generally edifying in nature.

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