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Living With Uncertainty

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Living With Uncertainty


by Forum member JosephM




It seems only natural, that we as humans seek a reason why, to such things as the happenings of life, the deep questions of our purpose and meaning and such. As a result religions have sprung up all over the globe. Even if they have veered in their purpose, it seems most are a response or attempt to answer these questions to satisfy the curiosity of our nature.


Often times it seems we are content to receive these answers as truth because they are generally accepted. Perhaps there is something in humans that resemble the 'herd instinct' or a need to be a part of a well defined and organized group. Sometimes the answers they provide seem logical and sometimes not which brings us to the topic of uncertainty. Can we live with the realization that uncertainty is closer to reality than the answers that seem to make sense for a time? Does uncovering the answers as flawed destroy our faith in that which cannot be seen but is the source of all that is seen including our uncertainty?



Uncertainty is all around us daily. We drive on the roads and live with the uncertainty that the driver on the other side will not pull over in our lane at the last second. We live with the uncertainty that in the next moment the earth could swallow us up in one of natures unexpected disasters, whether it be earthquakes, asteroids, lightning, tidal waves, economic collapse, famine or whatever. Yes we live with uncertainty all around us, Will we be the victim of some deranged killer, abandonment by our spouse or best friend, or a myriad of other possibilities?


What's wrong with uncertainty concerning our beliefs? Is uncertainty just something we view as negative and do not want to accept as a normal condition of life? Living with uncertainty is only as difficult as we make it because no matter how many bases we cover or precautions we take, uncertainty remains. It is a reality of this world and it has been anchored for most of us as a limitation of mind in human existence. Once we accept it as a natural limitation of existence here, perhaps we find the wisdom to go beyond it. Perhaps we can as the flowers and grass do, do what they were designed to do. Increase and multiply and replenish and add beauty to the earth and provide life for its creatures. The flower does not say, why should i grow and serve the earth because perhaps tomorrow i will suffer drought, be stepped on or eaten by insects. Neither do the tree seeds say i will stay up here or on the ground and do nothing lest i grow and a mighty wind or fire overtake and destroy me. No, life goes on in all its perceived uncertainty doing that whatever is in its design to do.


We humans, being more complex, seem at times to allow the thinking mind to take on a life of its own. In fearful thoughts of the uncertainty that comes from the unknown, the mind separates itself from life and creates it own identity. An identity whose perceived existence is often stifled by the rehashing of the past, fear for the future and strengthened by entertaining these fearful thoughts which serve to perpetuates more fear and uncertainty and separation.


So what can humans do with uncertainty? We can realize that uncertainty is not an enemy. It is the nature of the thinking mind and not of life. Life itself is not subject to the tenets of uncertainty because we know that Life is energy and it cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form. To identify with that Life is to live life in trust and peace without fear of uncertainty. Life is living in the moment in harmony with the whole. Life is not doing nothing about things but rather in a sense like the flower and trees making internal adjustments in harmony with surrounding stimuli. Life is doing the best with what we have been given as talents and not allowing the mind to attach itself to the uncertainty of the results. Why? Because while results have measures of predictability based on our experience, they always contain an element of uncertainty. This could be because of unforeseen elements or our limited human perception and perspective, or our uncertain nature of the whole.


In conclusion, it seems to me that to live predominantly with joy and peace in our life , there has to be an ultimate trust in Life itself. Call it God , Reality, the Unknown, the Unnamed, Being, or whatever label you like. And there has to be an acceptance of uncertainty. And when it is truly accepted, perhaps it will take us past those boundaries that It seems to encase us in. Past the separation that divides us and into the knowledge of the whole. Perhaps that ultimate trust will bring us back to the joy and peace that is innate to our very being.

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