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Jesus - Who Was He?

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 07:04 PM

If you were asked to write in one paragraph who and what you think Jesus was, what would you say?  


For me:


Jesus likely existed and was most likely an apocalyptic prophet who thought the end of the world was near and that he would personally play a key role in ushering in a new kingdom of God. His words resonated with the oppressed people whom he lived amongst and so he gathered a small following.  This following obviously carried an anti-Roman sentiment which made it simple for Pilate to order his execution after he created some trouble in the temple one day.  Subsequently Jesus was most likely executed by crucifixion and his followers left to interpret this change of plan.

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 08:07 PM

At critical times in history, people are born with the ability to take the bits of knowledge gathered by others and draw conclusions that were not yet apparent. Some discover seemingly small bits of information which later turned out to be important pieces of this seemingly never ending puzzle.


If he actually existed Jesus Christ was one of those men. During his short life, he gathered bits of knowledge passed on by others and drew some conclusions about life that were misunderstood by most men. Truth, is like a powerful drug and we all differ in how much we can handle in one dose. Some people can’t deal with truth and it doesn’t grow in them.


Mythical “Jesus” with a high level of understanding and capacity to process truth made a giant leap in knowledge and passed it on by his example. Others wrote it down. The seeds of truth he scattered have been growing and have brought us very close to another plateau. At the exponential rate of growth in the collective knowledge, we will soon reach the next plateau. We will remain there until we will realize that without working in cooperation we cannot take the next step. The bits and pieces of collected information need to be assembled in order to move on to the next step. 

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 06:00 AM

To me, Jesus is the representation of  the awareness of the connection and indwelling  union of God and man as One. The unity from which nothing is hidden and that provides the confidence and knowing that all things are possible from within that union.

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 12:31 PM

Can't do it in a paragraph.
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Posted 02 March 2017 - 07:41 PM

To me, the character of Jesus (real or not) is as an advocate for the defenseless, hope for the downtrodden, and champion of lost causes.
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