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The Pope's Visit To Poland


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Is anyone else as fascinated as I was with Pope Benedict's statement, at Auschwitz this week, that he didn't understand why G-d was silent while the Nazis disposed of a million and a half people at the death camp during WW II while implementing their industrialized version of "the final solution" ?


I guess that I was a litttle surprised that this scholarly man of G-d and the leader of the largest religious movement on the planet somehow expected G-d ( or presumably some supernatural manifestation of the spirit ) to intervene and micromanage the affairs of humans when they decide to eliminate each other, even in such huge numbers.


Do you believe that this observation was a simply a manifestation of this man's faith, or something that goes deeper ? Wouldn't you think that he would recognize the total defeat of armed Facism in 1945 to be an indication of G-d's will in this conflict. And wouldn't such a great leader recognize that humans are destined by G-d to clean out their own sandbox when they mess it up so badly so that we all learn the great lessons ? Any thoughts ?


flow... :rolleyes:

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Hmm, it is a strange comment coming from a Pope. I would think also it would be under the category of "mysteries not understandable by mere humans". And I thought Catholism was quite comfortable with such things.


The surprise that God didn't interfere with it, makes me wonder why he made that comment? I would doubt that the Pope would be making statements questioning faith, i.e. God should have interfered but did not, so is God so powerful. That would be an odd statement coming from a priest.


Or was he saying God didn't interfere because God in some way wished it. God forbid!!

I hope he wasn't saying that!


It could have been some sort of muse on his part, I don't believe it came out so well. But public figures often say things that make them sound bad if you think about them too much.

It is difficult to be under the microscope and he hasn't had that much experience. I hope it is in that category.



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