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Right-leaning protestant curious to learn about other perspectives


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Hey all,

I'm a right-leaning Christian and have been for most of my life. I've decided to go on a "journey" to see if what I believe truly stands up to scrutiny (both religiously and politically). I decided to make an account here in hopes of talking with some of you, hopefully learning about people who have different beliefs than me.

I look forward to it and God bless!

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Welcome ... from a not so distant place (assuming you are American). Tying religiosity to politics seems an particularly American trait.

I am reminded of a passage of passage I read, sorry I can't a reference, but it was of Winston Churchill explaining politics to a post war President (rich I know) ... It went along the lines, "In the US you have two parties: The Republicans, they're conservative; and Democrats and they're conservative too. In Britain we have two parties, Labour Party, they're socialist, and the Conservative Party and they are socialist too."

Now as for Christianity, for me there's what Jesus apparently preached ... definitely left leaning from what I have read. And there's how it is practiced today, particularly in the States. Definitely right leaning from my perspective.

Enough ... look forward to discussing your point of view.

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