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Hi soma,

I’ve decided that I wanted to change the last part of my last post to you to:


…and through generations and generations and generations and then through your own more particular generations they created your parents and that your parents in combining their DNA and the fabric of their lives then created you. Is this the “dust” that you feel you “came from” or do you think it’s some other kind of dust?


And if so, can I ask what kind?


Thanks, and I hope this is ok


Cheers and Good Day and Freedom and Peace




PS – I know that there are one or two other post that you’ve addressed to me that I haven’t got back to you concerning. I’ve got some real time constraints concerning how much time I can spend on this web board, right now. I am hoping to get back to you and reply to them sometime soon. Thanks


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I have been on vacation so didn't have a computer, but there was a lot of dust. I liked your post about star dust and yes, I think my body is made up of elements probably about $1.50 worth and those elements can be found in the stars and I also believe in evolution. I think I am spirit with a body that will be shed so the body will break up into those elements again. Atoms and their parts; electrons and protons are beiing shared all the time. I like the evolution theory because it is backed up with facts.

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