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Sermons Heard In Church


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Just out of curiosity, what kind of sermons do you hear in churches that embrace progressive Christianity?


In my experience with evangelical Christian churches, I have heard a lot of expository preaching where the preacher would explain the meaning of a particular text of Scripture and how it applies to our lives. In some evangelical churches, the preacher speaks on a different topic every week. In other evangelical churches, the pastor preaches through an entire book of Bible before speaking about another book of the Bible.


The main point of the sermon in evangelical churches has to do with God or Jesus. Even if the preacher talks about marriage, one's career, money, and so on, he will talk about how those topics relate to God or Jesus. Evangelical preachers will talk about what is morally right or morally wrong, but they don't merely give a moral lesson. They talk about how God saves people from their sins.

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