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When a member reaches 500 posts his/her category is changed to senior member and allocated posts increased from 12 to 24 posts in a 24 hour period along with some other perks. That is the change that affected you. The system will not allow it to be done on other than a group member level. That would require me to change it for everybody under 500 posts or make new member groups. It has never really been a major problem as none even average 1/3 of that limit and the reason for even having a limit is nothing personal at all but rather a protection feature for the forum. If 12 posts is too few perhaps on some occasions, we can reconsider that number being changed for all in the member group.


I am on a trip right now and can re-discuss it with moderators when i get back. Last time it was discussed was when Angel Whispers complained and moderators agreed that 12 in a 24 hr period seemed reasonable. Incidentally, she was rather upset over it and left. My response to her. Nevertheless, we will reconsider raising that number when i return in a couple weeks if it is now perceived as a real problem by the moderating team. BTW, I show Steve at only 5 posts today and no record of hitting his limit in the past.


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There has only been once that I have gotten close .... regardless


My comment was just that a comment that I never should have made rather than a complaint.


I am OK with it



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