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Science And Christianity


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I think I got off the last topic and want to put it here instead.

So I'll quote myself with some heavy snips.


The idea is that modern science is feared. My feeling that it can add to our awareness of the awesomeness of creation. For example,

If the universe had been 1 degree hotter, it would have expanded to the point of not collecting into anything, and if it had been 1 degree cooler, it would have not expanded at all. (I think I got that right.) I find it much harder to believe this is coincidence than there isn't some kind of order to the whole thing and that we weren't made be right from the start. I don't have to make this the "10 thousand year old universe" to make it make sense from a spiritual standpoint. The billions of year old universe isn't LESS than the 10 thousand year old one, it is MUCH MORE awe inspiring.



True there are aspects of science that are pedestrian and mundune that really have nothing to do with any kind of meaning. But not everything has to, imo.

I think science is a way of understanding the world, but I think in the end it asks more questions than it can ever answer. To give an example, (I think it is outdated to an extent, but the big bang say. Well they said that it happened, creating the universe. So why did it happen? I mean REALLY why? How come? etc. You always get back to that. Even if you take an entirely evolutionary point of view on the creation of life. (I think Darwin is a little outdated at this point.) But anyway, in the end you still have the big WHY.



Any thoughts on all this.




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des: Yes! I have many thoughts on the relationship between Science and Christianity, as well as Science and Religion in general. At the moment, I"m quite overloaded and spaced out by them, frankly.


The emphasis, and money, being placed on the subject by John Templeton and the Templeton Foundation has moved the matter to new heights.


A good place to start is with the works of Ian Barbour. Try Religion and Science (1997). Pages 77 to 106 lays out the architecture ofthe present debate by dividing it into Four areas:

1)Scientific Materialism and Biblical Literalism in CONFLICT.

2)Contrasting methods and differing languages in the "INDEPENDENT cultures" today.

3)The current DIALOG about a nature-centered spirituality. and

4)The prospects of an INTEGRATION of the two cultures.


The catalogue of"The Templeton Foundation Press" has more, the journal,"Science & Spirit" will keep you inspired, and the web page <Metanexus.org> may overwhelm you as it did me.


It's fascinating fare, especially for one now retired from the academic scene.



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Have any of you read any Ken Wilber? He has a book called "the Marriage of Sense and Soul" that discusses the relationship of science and religion in the most helpful way I have ever seen.


Rather than regurgitate it here go to my website and click on a link in the sidebar called "What is the Meaning of integral?" for a good overview.

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