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Have a question. I thought I could make my own avatar. I think this is not true. I tried uploading one (the right size and everything), but I can't do it. It's a shame as it is much better than the one I selected.


If I can't create my own are their websites of them or something?



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It's a Photoshop file. I don't remember gif in there but I have not really tried saving as a gif.

It is a jpeg which as I recall is one of the types of files this allows. But I'll try it and see.



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In PhotoShop:


Go to SAVE FOR WEB (rather than "save" or "saveas" under FILE).


A screen will appear.


Make sure that the file type is GIF (check near the top of screen)


Notice that you can change the size and everything near the bottom of the screen.


Let me know how it works.

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I left this in so you can see what happened. But it did successfully upload. Unfortunately for some odd reason it is impossible to see. I tried several different ways of doing this from making a file that was within the 65X65 pixel limit to using a regular unchanged photo. The results are what you see, a teensy tiny photo.


The original problem was that the photo was not named a jpeg. If it is properly named it works.

But is teensy.


Ooops I spoke too soon. It's ok. Resolution is really poor though.



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So very sorry! I inadvertantly deleted the path to the folder where the downloads are stored - like avatars, etc. It might take me a few days to restore - I have to get the path from invision because, of course, I didn't have it written down anywhere ;)


At any rate, the files are all safe, so the avatars - and any other uploaded material - will be restored when I put that setting back in.


Really sorry. I was playing with ways to thwart spammers, and didn't even realize I had done this. That'll learn me...




Hi Monica:


Looks like we've got some sort of avatar problem this am. Went to my settings page, and it's not there either. Do we need to re-establish one, or no ? Just letting you know.


flow.... :huh:

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