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Hello From An Author And Fellow Seeker

Scott Lindquist

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My name is Scott Lindquist. I am the author of a new book called: The Jesus Factory (now in library)

For more information beyond what's listed in the Library, please see the book's website: www.thejesusfactory.com


Many who have read or heard about The Jesus Factory have asked why I wrote the book. The paragraph below might give you some insight as to where I'm coming from:


To some who read this book, they might question my motivation and purpose. After all, what is a crime prevention expert and author of three books on rape prevention doing writing a religious book? In thinking about my life, I have also asked this question. I wrote my previous books because I felt there was a need for a different perspective. The motivation for this book is that and something more. I guess I am an anomaly in that most authors who have written rape prevention materials are either survivors, or scholars, or members of law enforcement. I am none of these. I am also not a women’s rights activist, although I fervently believe in gender equality and women’s empowerment. So, what’s going on here? If reincarnation is true, and I believe it is, then perhaps my soul’s purpose comes from another life and another time. Do my life’s mission and the motivation for all of my work come from another life when I was a monster, or does it come from a life when I was, like many women through history, a victim of suppression and violence? Who knows… I do know that I believe that there is something inherently wrong in the world; the wars, the violence, the suppression of women and children, the disregard of our environment and total lack of respect for all forms of life, may one day destroy us. We have had thousands of years of the unquestioned reign of mankind without the kindness. We have seen the results of a world that has not only suppressed women, but also any reference to a more compassionate and feminine side of God. Much of this suppression was and is still sanctioned by the world’s great religions, where women continue to be treated as second class Christians or worse. Is it time now for justice and a balance of the scales? I believe it is. This book is about that search in one man, and his discovery of the real meaning of the life and message of Jesus of Nazareth. Perhaps, the fear and chaos that we see in so many people today, are the signs that the world is in the midst of the birth pangs of a new, more inclusive God; A God that is compassionate, loving, non-judgmental and accepting. I can only hope that this book encourages each reader to begin their own search for that unique experience of God, that experience we call enlightenment.


I just found this organization and am thrilled to connect with "progressive Christians" worldwide. To give you a little background about me...


(From my book's bio:)

I am a crime prevention practitioner and crime prevention specialist. I graduated from the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute. I've written three

non-fiction books on rape prevention, and have been featured internationally in Cosmopolitan magazine (both US & UK) as well as other magazines in the Caribbean and in Australia. I have given hundreds of crime prevention seminars and been interviewed on hundreds of TV and radio stations worldwide. I have made it my life’s work to find solutions to violence against women. This new fiction work carries on his commitment to find solutions to gender injustice

at its very core. He is a committed follower of the Christ and is a member of Unity.


I am married to a Unity minister and we have a church in Gainesville, Georgia. I welcome connecting with any and all progressive open minded Christians as well as all folks regardless of your beliefs.

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Hello Scott,


I appreciated hearing about your work on preventing violence against women. Also glad to see that one of your books features Mary Magdalene. Reminded me of a seminar I took a few years ago on her -- in some ways she could be seen as the real founder of Christianity, the first to believe in the risen Jesus and carry the news to the apostles who had fled, and probably many others. Her role was crucial, yet she’s only mentioned 13 times in the gospels and not at all in the rest of the NT.


I agree with your statement – the need for gender equality, more balanced view of God, etc.


welcome to tcpc

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