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I am glad Jim mentioned the Christian mystics first. I also feel they were the pioneers and had the pulse, the soul and the inner depth to be progressive. I am grateful for their guidance that drew me inward to the interior life.

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Another forum member suggested that I put my blog site into the TCPC Resources category. So! FWIW I will do so. If you go deep enough you will get a glimpse of Oregon's famous Painted Hills, which are part of the John Day Fossil Beds.



I don't know if this forum will let me post a personal blog site. I will have to state that I am not trying to sell anything, I guess. I started the blog site for the benefit of the members of my family who are still not "Progressive" citizens. They love the "Old Silverback" and his mate in spite of the fact he is a democrat and very liberal. This way they can, as they wish, go to the blog site and no one will know any different. Most of the recent posts are political in nature and I am trying to give them enough of Bishop Spong to get them to lean a little our way. I have not posted anything for a month, but, when I get my taxes taken care of I will go back to taking care of the blog site. Our main hobby is photography - that is the reason that each blog entry starts with one of my pictures.


I use excerpts from some of my favorite authors - they are much better writers than I am.


Here is the blog site: http://halonjustice.blogspot.com/

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