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  1. I just finished this book. I found it to be an easy read and I agree with his opinions almost 100% ( I cannot think right now of anything I did not agree with). He does point out something that many theologians ignore, that is: words like salvation, save, redemption, sin, etc. had different meanings in old English, Hebrew, and Greek. Language is very fluid and changing from generation to generation. This book is well worth reading.
  2. I am neither Jewish nor anti-Semitic, but in this past year I have read three books, written by current Jewish Rabbis, that were quite knowledgeable and just made a lot of sense. Here is a review of the latest one that I have read. I got this from our public library and I have not checked with Amazon.com to see if is available as a Kindle edition. I apologize for the length of this review, but I did not know what to leave out. I could have made it three times as long. Hal Book Review: “The Great Partnership” (Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning) By
  3. I suspect that alcohol has a lot to do with lack of restraint. I believe that a majority of the pedophile priests were probably alcoholic. The Catholic church used to have recovery "clinics" for alcoholic priests. I am aware of this because I knew of one in Port Townsend, Washington in the 1970s that had more than 70 priests "recovering" from alcoholism. From reading hundreds of case histories of dysfunctional families, I know that alcohol (and sometimes drugs) was a primary factor in most cases. Alcohol definitely affects restraint and good judgement. I am not a teetotaler. B
  4. Each person has to make his/her own decisions about religion and the possible after-life. I try to read one non-fiction book each week and have 76 (I just counted them) books related to religious issues in my personal library. The authors range all the way from Philip Yancy, through Spong and D.M.Murdock and include some books on Islam and Buddism. I am 86 years old so it will not be long before I find out what is on the other side. I am the "Old Silverback" and my wife is the "Ape's Mate" of the family which includes 18 individuals, who support us wholeheartedly and we support the
  5. It is not very open-minded - they preach Iron age theology, but they are a definite asset to the community. Hal
  6. I don't know. It is not simple. They are, in my opinion, aggressive, selfish, self-serving (usually alcoholic or drug addicted) individuals who have little regard for the feelings or safety of others.
  7. I am a “Progressive” Christian, a true hypocrite and/or agnostic, who attends a Christian and Missionary Alliance mega church because there are members of my family who still worship the way they were taught in their younger days. They are entitled to worship in the fashion in which they feel most comfortable and the conservative sermons appeal to them. It is not my business to tell anyone else how to worship. (Besides, I kind of enjoy the music.) I support this church because it supports the community. They have a free Medical and Dental Clinic, they feed the homeless who sleep under
  8. We are getting into a very complex subject here. As a supervisor of Parole Officers, who in turn supervised adolescent parolees, I have read hundreds of case histories, many of which involved dysfunctional families. Incest, a form of pedophilia, was not unusual and had to be dealt with. Our main concern was the welfare of the youth and the legal issues involved. None of these cases are simple and this subject cannot be enlightened with a few sentences. The bottom line is: harming other individuals, particularly the young and helpless, is absolutely unacceptable and those who do so
  9. I agree with you Steve, that domination is much more apt to be the basis for pedophilia than attraction or genetics. In my book, any activity or behavior which brings harm or injury to an individual, particularly someone immature, is completely unacceptable and worthy of legal punishment. There should be no argument here!
  10. I read in a recent book that Constantine, who was a Sun worshipper before he "converted", preferred Sunday as his day of worship, so he made it happen. No one contradicted Constantine and lived to tell about it. I suspect that anti-semitism had something to do with it. Christianity definitely became a gentile "thing" in the 4th century.
  11. Marriage in this 21st century is very different from even one hundred years ago. A recent statistic stated that, in 2011, more than 40% of babies were born to unwed women. Another statistic: 57% of marriages end in divorce or separation. If a large number of couples are living together without a wedding ceremony and half of those who do go through the ritual do not see it as a commitment, what does "marriage" mean?
  12. My favorite book (non fiction) for all time is: "Made For Goodness - Why This Makes All The Difference" by Desmond Tutu. The good Bishop is certainly one of the most loving individuals on the planet. I never forget the statement he makes early on in this book : "Perfect love is not an emotion, it is not how we feel. It is what we do." He ends the next paragraph with the statement : "We cannot choose how we feel. We can choose what we do, how we act." Hal
  13. I will apologize at the beginning for preaching to the choir. There is an ancient adage that reads thus: AGING IS MANDATORY, MATURATION IS OPTIONAL. Let’s face it. We live in a society, a culture, that is adolescent in nature. That is right, most of us do not mature emotionally, intellectually, or culturally beyond our adolescent years. This whole nation is mired in adolescence and, one of these days, we are all going to pay the price for this. What are some of the indications? Here are a few: v We have allowed the national and state legislatures to be controlled, and corrupted,
  14. This is not an issue that can be cured by stopping one thing like gun control. Gun control is needed, but also is help for the mentally ill. Also, the media needs to NOT make a celebrity out of the murderer. The only ones who should know the murderer's name and picture is law enforcement and very close relatives. Story after story on TV, showing the murderer's picture and name is incentive to make a big thing out of a suicide. A suicidal motive is often the desire to hurt close relatives or the world. I will not go into the basics of Psychology 101 as most of you already know of thi
  15. It is several years ago now when I read a book written by an astronomer with a PhD. As a scientist, he had little use or respect for astrology. However, he realized that the scientists (the Magi or Wise men) of 2000 years ago were astrologers, not astronomers. To satisfy his curiosity he studied astrology so that he could analyze ancient astrological claims. With the help of computers, he could go back 2000 years and examine the heavens as they looked at that time. He discovered that there was an astrological combination of heavenly bodies in April of the year 6 BC that indicated a pow
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