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Pure Land Buddhism and Universalism

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A couple of links here. First, one that explains the word "tariki" and that gives a brief overview of Pure Land Buddhism. Perhaps this will be of interest to "progressives"?


Second, a site that itself links with various other sites related to Christian Universalism. (Personally, I consider the doctrine of "Eternal Torment" (Hell) - however understood - to be incompatible with faith in the Divine.)


Anyway, the links are here......






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Agree with you about hell, Tariki. We would probably be in agreement on many other things.




I've caught one or two of your posts and seen that you are "into" Buddhism. Just out of interest I would welcome you posting a few bits and pieces of what you may have been reading. Also if you are meditating in any way.


Hopefully you trust me enough to know this :D is not some awful inquisition..........


Just interested, as a friend.


All the best

tariki (Derek)


P.S. If you prefer you can PM me.

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