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Conservative Family Invites To 'their' Easter'

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Do any of you have to put up with, endure or dread conservative family members nagging you to attend 'their' conservative' Easter services? If so, how do you handle it?


Sometimes even their Easter service has something that speaks to me if i just listen. Nothing to dread. It is part of life that is attached to me. I either say yes or no and either way I am benefited. There is no need for me to be critical of others in that which i have in the past done also.



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Exactly my point. If their motivations are for a "Family Event" where the family members are respectful then I have no problem going and as Joseph says I can always find something to grasp.


If their motivations are to "Save the liberal" then it can become an exercise in self-defendance.


I have several good friends who are conservative ministers .... we can talk about religion because of mutual respect I even go to their church on occasion.. We don't agree but it is always a fun and enlightening discussion. I might also add they don't preach hate.


On the other hand I have another minister friend that I can't talk to because he always tries to save me and gets frustrated. I just smile


Comes down to motivations



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I might also add that I think it is long past time for those of us who think of themselves as progressive Christians begin to voice our opinions. For way too long we have aloud those with less to say to dominate the Christian discussion. People need to know that the fundamentalists DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL CHRISTIANS. If we are looking for a reason why church attendance is down you don't have to look past Pat Robertson


Just my opinion



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