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Hi everyone. Recently I have posted a topic called "My Journey" which is located at http://tcpc.ipbhost....706-my-journey/


My friend Chuck who is a Deist runs the website Natures God and has set up a board relating to Progressive Christianity.


The following links of that website and forum may be of interest to those of this PC community.





Merry Christmas everyone! smile.gif



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I posted a thread awhile back here on the concept of Christian atheism and if it was possible to be a Christian and not believe in God. The bible scholar, Robert Price, recently had an interview on the atheist podcast, Point of Inquiry, with a Christian atheist, Bo Bennet. They had a really interesting discussion on Bo Bennet's book "The Concept" where he lays out his defense of Christian nontheism. For Bennet, Christianity is about an aesthetic spiritual experience rather than trying to prove the existence of God with logical arguments. What he values in Christianity are the moral teachings of Jesus and the cultural traditions of the religion while at the same time he rejects all belief in the supernatural and he even questions the existence of a historical Jesus. Bennet sees God as a concept rather than a being out there and the moment you try to define what God is, then you've already lost the concept. I like how in the interview, Robert Price says God doesn't exist as a being out there but God exists in your heart.


I think you guys might enjoy the interview and you can download it for free from here and it's the May 2, 2011 episode:


Point of Inquiry


Christian Nontheism: The Concept by Bo Bennett

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Thanks for sharing it.


It is a difficulty of our language and common ways of thinking about God in our culture that seems to leave us nowhere to go with belief in what we might call "God", or by any name, in an intelligent presence beyond ourselves and our finite state of phycial existence here, when we reject traditional concepts of a theistic God. One can have rejected such theistic God concepts, be by that an a-theist, yet still hold some concept of a greater something we might call God.


I think of Plato's account of the trial and conviction of Socrates on the charge of being an atheist...and yet in reading Socrate's defense, he gives what is to me a far better accounting of belief and faith in "God" than was evident in his prosecutors' beliefs in gods that were as Socrates, mere rocks out in space. So was it evident that in that culture and time, disbelief in the popular common god concepts was judged as disbelief in God, just as is still common.



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