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  1. Hi guys, I have not been on here for along time but would love it if you could join my new blog located at www.utbministries.wordpress.com It is only early days but would appreciate the support. Thanks. Brad
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! I am by no means a fundamentalist and I have never had this line of thinking before and it is scary. But as it is part of my journey I have to discuss it, acknowledge it and continue along my path.
  3. Hi everyone! It has been along time since I have posted here but I have had some thoughts lately where I think I need to air them out here and get some of your opinions. Over the last year I have read alot of books on the trinity, christianity and Quakerism. I am very happy to be attending my monthly quaker meeting and through my reading I have discovered that I do believe in the trinity and Jesus as God. Now these comments are not on here to argue or disagree with anyone as I know people view God differently and I totally respect that. Although I am comfotable with my trinitarian thin
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Brad and I created a website with a friend called www.christianuniversalism.info as we just wanted an environment where we can all celebrate our humanity and our beliefs in a non judgemental way. Unfortunately I got really busy with my job as a teacher and let the forum lapse. I would love to reignite this forum and build a community that we can all be proud of. I really hope you do come onboard and participate, but if not I wish you well on your journey! Brad (spiritseeker on forum) www.christianuniversalism.info
  5. Hi again everyone! I was sitting in the back of my car as my youngest son was driving to my brothers house. He is a learner driver so we are giving him as much learning experience as possible. Anyway these 2 songs came on the radio and even though I was reading at the time I had to stop as my spirit made me sit and reflect on these beautiful songs. I really reflected on God when I heard these songs and would love to share them with you. I Believe - Blessid Union Of Souls Hold On - Wilson Phillips Love Brad P.S I know these songs are not necessarily reli
  6. Hi everyone, I had a great chat with a very close friend last night and after we got off the phone I felt compelled to write. I was not thinking about anything in particular but I was just sitting back enjoying the chat I had just had. Anyway I went and got a piece of paper and let my spirit do the talking. This is what ended up on my piece of paper. * God has created a play called 'life and it is up to us to be the stars! * To get the most out of the play called 'life' we must appreciate and celebrate the involvement of the 'creator' (God) and the 'director' (humanity). *
  7. Gday Steve, His fiction books are awesome. You are quite correct that he is a Quaker minister but to get to know his theology it is best to read a few of his sermons which are located at http://www.philipgulley.org/GRACETALK.htm I will paste below one of his sermons called Quaker Basics that gives you a good introduction. The Quaker Basics (The Universal Light) By Philip Gulley I’ve been talking with a wide variety of Quakers these past few months, discussing with them what it means to be a Quaker. It’s been an interesting experience. When I tell evangelical Quakers what prog
  8. Hi everyone! I have been reading all the books written by Philip Gulley and I must say that his works and theology are truly amazing. I have never felt so spiritually alive. I am curious to hear what other people have thought of his books. God bless!
  9. Thanks Brian! I really appreciate your help. I am looking into getting the link back to the home page. I look forward to getting to know you better. Also to Bill. Thank you for signing up and posting as well. The more people participate the better the fellowship will be!
  10. Hi everyone, My journey has taken me down the Christian Universalist path and I invite you all to have a look at my new website www.christianuniversalism.info On my search so far in Universalism I have found a lack of forums and I am hoping to provide somewhere comfortable and open for us to chat. I look forward to you having a look!
  11. his is exactly what I strive for Bill. I feel that we are on very similar paths. As you know I am feeling very strongly about Universalism but this forum (especially our chats) has made me feel like this place is the best place for me at the moment. Thank you for the last few days and I loook forward to building on our friendship!
  12. Thanks for sharing that with me Bill! It is great to talk to someone else who understands that we are all on different journeys and that we all take in things differently. I just long for a place to call my spiritual home and unfortunately there isnt much out there for Universalism in that regard. It is lonely but I have to be true to myself and continue on my individual path to truth regardless of how lonely it is.
  13. is now back at Progressive Christianity and it feels like home!

  14. I thought this may have been the case as you use the same picture but I wasn't sure. What do you think of Unified Deism? Great question!!! You have really got me thinking here and I think I use the word saved because I am so use to saying saved from hell to fundamentalist Christians. When I say hell in this sense I mean the fire and brimstone eternal punishment hell. Please bear with me as I have alot of thoughts running through my mind so this may not flow as well as I would like but I will just speak from the heart. I believe Jesus is part of the trinity and is God. Through the
  15. I completely understand Bill and I love how we can discuss our thoughts with each other. I don't take your responses as arguments as people have to make u their minds on what is right for them. At the moment Universalism is sitting comfortably with me but I know from experience that with further reading, learning and discovery then that could possibly change. It is fantastic that we can discuss our "internal arguments" in a open and respectful way! Again your comments are spot on and the problem with the bible is that in alot of cases you can argue for and argue against many differen
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