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Appointment Of Additional Moderator


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Greetings to All,


Please welcome Soma who has been with us faithfully since December of 2004 as a new Moderator to assist me in management of the TCPC discussion board. His posts have over the years exemplified the principles of the 8 points of TCPC and I personally find him one of the kindest and warmest inclusive individuals I have come in contact with. A kindred and caring spirit for all regardless of beliefs is evident in his words. While it is never a requirement to believe a specific set of doctrines to be considered a progressive Christian, Soma has always held in principle to the 8 points and encouraged others to continue on their sometimes difficult and painful self-journey to greater understanding of Christianity. Soma has traveled the world and studied world religions in Europe and India and lived in places such as South Korea among others. He is also an author and teacher with what I perceive as great insight. Soma is a private person so I will not share any other details with you and hope you will welcome his personal comments and cautions when needed as a moderator as a vehicle to assist you in growth.



JosephM (TCPC.org discussion Board Administrator/Moderator)



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