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Home-based Midweek Family Ministry To "supplement" Church


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I thought I would share my ideas to get feedback on a family group (us younger folks under 60 with kids at home) to supplement what we get from the local UCC congregation on Sundays, and may be something also attractive to those who are not into "church services" or being "religious". The local UCC church is progressive but the congregation is primarily older and they are stuck in very traditional worship service patterns (and not likely to change given the board composition). At the same time they are the only progressive resource in the area so I would not want to "compete" with them. The point would be to try to meet needs that are not being met from just the Sunday services and Sunday school (they do not have resources for kids and families during the week).


I'm thinking of a lay-led family ministry midweek evening group maybe once per month starting in the fall. My preference would be for it to meet at a home. The purpose would not to be "overtly religious" or "churchy" or a "bible study" or "book discussion" group. Instead, it would uphold progressive Christian values through fun activities involving both parents and kids like family games, outings, barbeques, picnics, movie nights, service projects, etc. maybe with some really informal sharing of values or stories to the kids. For the adults, I think that we get more of progressive Christian values through discussion, connecting with others, and living out those values rather than sermons or lectures anyways.


Obviously we would need to come up with a catchier title.


I'd like to get the word around to other younger family folks at the church and in the community to see if there is interest. Outreach ideas would be welcome.


Suggestions, feedback, and all that is welcome.

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Hi Dave,


Great idea. If you get a chance you might check out what PantaRhea (Don ) is doing here....




He has already started his neighborhood meetings and you might be interested after you read the above thread in PMing him and discussing it with him. Or perhaps he might spot this thread and insert his comments.



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